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About Kompass
Kompass Lifecare Inc. is a collaboration of health care professionals in the Ottawa area offering a broad scope of expertise to provide the vital skills, knowledge and competence necessary to approach LIFE CARE PLANNING.

We provide impartial assessments that are essential to maximizing an individual's functional independence. Our experts will complete a comprehensive review of all available medical, psychological and rehabilitation-related information of the individual and their disability, in order to provide a program that goes beyond acute care and can last for the remainder of the individual's life.

A reliable and consistent method to planning is essential. Our life care plans lay out the framework for recovery utilizing a preventive-modelling approach. They will reflect the anticipated needs of the individual, the estimated frequency of intervention and the projected benefits of the recommendations proposed in the plan.

All records and files are confidential and properly maintained for privacy.

The life care plan can be revised and updated to correlate with the individual's progress and comfort level.

Kompass Lifecare utilizes current, decisive data analysis and research in Canada and internationally. Our in-depth research assists in projecting expenses for medical care, pharmaceutical needs, attendant care, a variety of therapies, diagnostic evaluations, vocational rehabilitation, durable medical equipment, housing, recreational & leisure activities, transportation and education.

Kompass Lifecare will also confidently review, evaluate and critique existing Life Care Plans.
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